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RV-9A: Other Bulkheads & Longerons - 6/28/2008
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Started working on the F-711 BulkheadStarted working on the F-711 Bulkhead
I started off by fluting the flanges of the F-711A and F-711B bulkhead halves to make them sit flat on the work bench top. Then it came time for the F-711 C bars. These guys were real head-scratchers, trying to figure out exactly where to drill the holes and how long to make the bars. Then there is nose-dragger version and a tail-dragger version on the drawing to figure into the mix. So rather than try to cut these guys exactly to length, I decided to just cut the bar provided in half, which left the 2 pieces about 1/4 of inch too long. That way, I would have some left over to work with, rather than have the damn things too short. Then I drilled one hole in the ends of the bars and clecoed them to the A/B bulkheads. Then all I had to do was drill the other holes useing the A/B bulkheads as a drill guide.
Finished the F-711 C BarsFinished the F-711 C Bars
I feel like need to go to a "bar" after fabricating the dudes. I made the final cut on the length of the bars using the measurement on the drawing form the top of the A/B bulkhead to the ends of the F-711 C bars, while they were still clecoed to the bulkheads. Then I trimmed all the excess material off as shown in the plans.
Made the F-711 C angleMade the F-711 C angle
This piece is made now but not riveted on the F-711 bulkhead.
The pneumatic rivet squeezer made quick work of this session.
Picky, picky, pickyPicky, picky, picky
I hate to pick on the drawings, buuuuuuuut....
This side view drawing of the F-711 doesn't match the actual parts. The F-711A on the left doesn't have rounded edges on the flanges, the F-711B on the right actually does (and vicey vercey). I really freaked out when I compare my riveted bulkhead to this drawing. Then when I saw that the pre-drilled holes on the left bulkhead matched my pre-drilled holes on the left bulkhead, I decided that the drawing was mis-drawn. Phewwww!!
Here's how the drawing should have lookedHere's how the drawing should have looked
Notice that the predrilled holes match the drawing and the "angle up" of both bottom flanges also match the drawing.
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