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RV-9A: Left Wing Skins - 10/3/2006
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Finished work on installing the nutplates on the W-919 splice plateFinished work on installing the nutplates on the W-919 splice plate
After dimpling and hand countersinking the rivet holes in the rear wing spar, it gave me a new idea on how to prepare the nutplates for the splice strip. Below are the steps I used to dimple and countersink the nutplates.
Dimpled the nutplatesDimpled the nutplates
I used my narrow female dimple and male dimple to force a dimple into the nutplates using my ATS "alligator" hand squeezer.
Countersunk the nutplatesCountersunk the nutplates
Then I used my homemade electric countersink (a countersink bit taped inside a cheapy battery powered screw driver) to countersink the previous dimples in the ends of the nutplates. This helps them to fit a little better.
Nice countersink!Nice countersink!
This works really great. The nutplates fit nicely over the 3 dimples in the splice plate.
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