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RV-9A: Other Bulkheads & Longerons - 7/1/2008
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Finished the F-712 bulkheadFinished the F-712 bulkhead
I had some really nice pictures of the building of this bulkhead, but my camera ate them. So I will show what I have left. Here's the F-712A and F-712B cleoced together along with the tie-down bar (which I already cut to shape).
Put the 3/8 inch tap into the tie-down barPut the 3/8 inch tap into the tie-down bar
Just as with the wings, I went slowly and used a lot of oil, screwing and unscrewing my way into the tie-down bar.
Countersunk the tie-down barCountersunk the tie-down bar
I almost missed doing this part. Thanks to an RV-buddy who emailed with a reminder.
All riveted together!All riveted together!
I used my pneumatic squeezer on both the 3/32 and 1/8 inch rivets.
Update 8/12/2008: I shouldn't have riveted on the tie-down bar now. It will get in the way when riveting the skins to the bulkhead. I drilled out the rivets and removed the tie-down bar. I will reinstall it later after the bottom skins are riveted on.
The flip sideThe flip side
The aft side of the F-712 bulkhead has all flush-head rivets, so the vertical stabilizer can lay directly on the F-712B side of the bulkhead. The two missing rivets in the tie-down bar are for bolts that will go on later to hold the vertical stabilizer in place.
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