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RV-12iS: Preparation - 9/12/2020
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Getting the shop ready for the Tail-kit, which should arrive today!Getting the shop ready for the Tail-kit, which should arrive today!
Can't wait! We have a cell phone close by, waiting for the truck driver to call and say he's on his way! I think we're ready. The work bench set up and the tools sorted in the tool cabinet. We're going to build another work bench (the Official EAA workbench) to put in the middle of the shop.
Got the tools organized in my cabinetGot the tools organized in my cabinet
It's nice to already have all the tools I need (I hope), left over from the RV-9A Build.
Bought a new cabinetBought a new cabinet
This Craftsman vertical cabinet is going to come in handy, sorting and labeling the parts out.
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