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RV-12iS: Preparation - 9/10/2020
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Next time I build an Airplane.... well, now it's the next time. I told many of my friends that on the next build, I would switch from an Non-oiled Compressor to an Oiled Compressor. But, since I already have a Non-oiled compressor, I'll stick with it. From what I've heard, Oiled Compressors last longer that Non-oiled Compressors, and they're not as loud.

Here's a great article about the differences, plus some great tips on the care and feeding of each type:
Air Compressor Buyer's Guide: Oil Free or Oil Air Compressor?
Should have gotten an oiled compressor...Should have gotten an oiled compressor...
Here's my current compressor, along with how I soundproofed the air compressor and my hose connections for multiple pneumatic tools:
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