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RV-9A: Electrical - Part 2 - 9/25/2011
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Back to work!Back to work!
Well, it's been 3 months since my last confession (err- entry). We have been remodeling our kitchen, a total rip-out and re-do. Now it's back to work. Here I've finished the putting the mounting frame rear components together. The wiring harness came from Steins. The installation instructions for the Garmin SL40 are pretty easy to follow, but you won't find them on the Garmin website, weird. I also got the RG-400 coaxial cable from Steins. The instructions for connecting the coaxial to the back of the mounting frame were pretty simple to follow.
Bundled up and ready to goBundled up and ready to go
I'm going to try and put as much of panel together on the temporary stand as possible, and then move everything over to the RV.
Making stuff easier to reachMaking stuff easier to reach
I'm going to finish the back of the transponder mounting frame next, but it's under the radio mounting frame and hard to get to. Since there's so much weight behind the panel, I think it's OK to lean the panel forward to allow me access to the transponder frame back. So I split a 2x4 diagonally and made some wedges that I screwed to the bottom of the wooden panel frame.
Panel mountingPanel mounting
I used some sheetrock screws to hold the panel to the panel stand. I'm hoping the cloth I put on the stand will protect the back of the painted panel somewhat. The way the heads of the sheetwork screws are made, they don't mess up the paint in the front of the panel.
Yep, that'll workYep, that'll work
You'll notice a metal strap mounted from the base of the wooden stand to the top of the panel. That's just there to help support the weight of the components already mounted on the panel.
Here's the new kitchenHere's the new kitchen
Nope, not completely finished. The backsplash is on it's way. This is first time I've let someone else put in a new kitchen for me. Never again. DIY - Do It Yourself! Three months to install a kitchen is totally ridiculous. The company that designed the cabinets as was in charge of ordering the components could never get it right. There was a constant ordering and reordering of incorrect parts, broken parts and missing parts. The installer they hired was crackerjack and was totally frustrated to come in and only be able to do partial work because of incorrect or missing components. If I ever decide to install cabinets again, I'm either going to do it myself or hire a real cabinet maker (person) to do it, not a retail store outlet.

The granite countertop turned out great! Those guys new what they were doing! Mainly because they were independent contractors.

The rest of the kitchenThe rest of the kitchen
How much you ask? Just take the cost of a brand new Lycoming O-320 engine and multiply it by 1.5. Ouch!
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