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RV-9A: Project Entry

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Here's the new kitchen

Nope, not completely finished. The backsplash is on it's way. This is first time I've let someone else put in a new kitchen for me. Never again. DIY - Do It Yourself! Three months to install a kitchen is totally ridiculous. The company that designed the cabinets as was in charge of ordering the components could never get it right. There was a constant ordering and reordering of incorrect parts, broken parts and missing parts. The installer they hired was crackerjack and was totally frustrated to come in and only be able to do partial work because of incorrect or missing components. If I ever decide to install cabinets again, I'm either going to do it myself or hire a real cabinet maker (person) to do it, not a retail store outlet.

The granite countertop turned out great! Those guys new what they were doing! Mainly because they were independent contractors.

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