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RV-9A: Electrical - Part 2 - 5/31/2011
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Installed one of the Ray Allen stick gripsInstalled one of the Ray Allen stick grips
This turned out to be pretty installation of one of the Ray Allen stick grips. The instructions say to put soapy water on the inside of the foam part to make it easier to slide on. I just squirted some Windex in it and had no problem getting it on. The wiring and soldering part was pretty easy, although the size 22 wire provided by Van's wiring harness was almost too fat to work with, but I managed to "gitter" done.
The Set screwThe Set screw
I didn't know what the instructions meant by a "set" screw. So I went down to Lowes Aircraft and Lumber supply and the guys in the hardware department knew exactly what I needed. Here's a 8/32 drill/tap to drill the hole in the control stick and a tap to make the screw threads. I also got a T-handle tap wrench to hold the tap while making the screw threads. And of course, the Allen wrench and screw.
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