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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 6/28/2010
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Riveted the firewall recessRiveted the firewall recess
There's a lot debate about when to put this dude in. Since I'm putting in my battery box and relays now, that pretty much clinched it for me, since the recess has to be in place to install the nutplates for these guys. I mixed up some proseal and clecoed the recess in place and then cleaned off the ooze proseal excess. Then I riveted it in place the next day.
Dimpled the holes in the battery boxDimpled the holes in the battery box
I was able to dimple all the holes but one. The instructions say it's "OK" to countersink the last one. But to me that's pretty much impossible too. So I put on my thinking cap. Think, think, think...
Ah-hah! I think I've got itAh-hah! I think I've got it
I justed added a nut and 2 washers under the dimple die, allowing for the width of the bottom flange of the battery box. Dimple done!
Time to rivet the side brackets to the battery boxTime to rivet the side brackets to the battery box
I was able to squeeze all of the rivets but one. So I grabbed on my weird rivet dies from Averys and was able to get it done. This die is a honker. I never thought I'd use it. But, here it is!
Side brackets on! Side brackets on!
Nutplates on! Nutplates on!
Put on the retainer strap and made the 2 bolt spacersPut on the retainer strap and made the 2 bolt spacers
Ready to mount!
Bolted on the relaysBolted on the relays
Well, bolted on after a hole of lot of adjustments. In order to get the two copper straps perfectly vertical, I had to remove some of the edge on the master relay mounting bracket so it would move closer to the starter relay. Then I drilled the holes in the copper straps with my unibit using some Beolube drilling oil. Dang, those straps get hot fast! I put a bowl of ice water next to the drill and tossed them in it when I couldn't hold the straps any longer.
Bolted on the battery boxBolted on the battery box
Now, what's next? I don't have a clue. Back to the books!
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