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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 7/6/2010
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Installed the GascolatorInstalled the Gascolator
This was pretty simple except for the putting the angle fitting on the right. It wants to stop turning where "it" wants to stop turning. I think the hose will hook up OK though. I couldn't find the special lock nuts in the firewall forward kit. I noticed that they were listed on the firewall forward kit list but weren't in the kit anyware. Then after digging around, I found them in the fuselage kit contents. Weird huh?
Made and installed the tubing from the fuel pump to the gascolatorMade and installed the tubing from the fuel pump to the gascolator
My first attempt didn't work. It was just a gentle curve from one component to the other. But I couldn't get between the two fittings without messing up the ends. So I took the first attempt piece and made a new one, using the first one as a template. This time I made an "S" turn with it. This allowed some flexibility to put the line between the fittings and stretch it in between the fittings for the final fit. I made a real mess with the thread seal on the gascolator bracket. By this time I really didn't give a crap how messy it was.
Now for the vent holeNow for the vent hole
I was really scratching my head on this one, remembering what a pain it was using the 2 inch drill bit I bought for the battery box. It worked OK for that application, but only because I had board behind the metal to support the drilling on the drill press. Not so here. I couldn't figure a way to put a board behind the firewall, much less trying to hand drill the hole with a monster bit in an electric drill. So I decided to go with my unibit, making connecting holes all around the edges of the hole. Then I used my Dremmel with a sanding drum to clean up the excess. I went through about 4 sanding drums in the process.
Here's what I usedHere's what I used
Here's my unibit and the Dremmel with the sanding bit. The drill is ancient but still works.
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