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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 4/20/2010
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Time for the F-721C and F-721D attach anglesTime for the F-721C and F-721D attach angles
In order to get these angles in the right position, I had take a fine print sharpie and outline the front panel onto the F-721A deck while the skin was still on. Otherwise you have know way of knowing where the hell to put these angles. Here I fitted and drilled one of the angles onto the F-721A deck.
Time to drill the side angle to the deck --- not!Time to drill the side angle to the deck --- not!
Nope, ain't possible. I can't even get the angle drill in there. So I got the fine print sharpie again and traced where the angle fits on the F-721A deck. Then I removed the panel, clamped the angle to the deck and drilled the holes.
Time to go nuts with nutplatesTime to go nuts with nutplates
Here a nutplate, there a nutplate, everywhere a nutplate.
More nutplatesMore nutplates
Priming timePriming time
Now, do I rivet the deck on to the fuselage now or not? Only the RV Gods know for sure. Maybe I'll flip a coin.
DUDE! New hangar!DUDE! New hangar!
I gots me a new hangar! 60 feet wide and 60 feet deep. The best that money can rent! My Cessna 172, which is getting inspected right now is going to sit up front, right next to with my sub-lease EAA Chapter buddy. The RV is going to fit in the bottom of the "T", behind the Cessna, with plenty of room for tools, work benches and other schtuff.
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