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RV-9A: Flap Motor & Landing Gear Mounts - 1/11/2010
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Time for the main landing gear mounts Time for the main landing gear mounts
I deburred the ends of the main landing gear mounts and cleaned up around the predrilled holes to keep any burrs from interferring with the leg that slides into the mount. It was an incredibly tight fit, so put a little oil on the gear leg but still couldn't get it all the way in.
Heating experimentHeating experiment
I put the main landing gear mount in front my floor heater for about 20 minutes. Since the leg had sat in the garage overnight and the temperature was below freezing, I figured the cold gear leg would be fine for inserting into the heated main landing gear mount.
It worked!It worked!
The gear legs slide right in. Then all I had to do was give the mount a few light taps with the rubber hammer to get the hole lined up for reaming. I read on Vans Air Force where they talked about not using the alternative 5/16" drill bit and ordering the specified 0.311 reamer. The bolts that come with the kit are specifically made for the 0.311 hole size. If a 5/16" hole is drilled, the bolt will be looser, not good. So I ordered the 7.9mm HSS CHUCKING REAMER from Averys, which is the same as the 0.311 reamer called for in the plans.
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