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RV-9A: Flap Motor & Landing Gear Mounts - 1/15/2010
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Here's the reamer from AverysHere's the reamer from Averys
Ordering tools from Averys is a great experience. It's almost next day service. I've never seen a reamer before. It's really different from a drill bit.
Time for the reamin'!Time for the reamin'!
I put some oil on the reamer and the hole and slowly reamed the hole using my pneumatic drill, with 95 pounds of air pressure. It went in really easy.
Time to fit the gear mounts to the fuselageTime to fit the gear mounts to the fuselage
I've heard that this is a wrestling match, with all sorts of trimming needed in various places. First off, I noticed that this small rib has to be removed for initial placement of the gear mount. Oops, time for our EAA Chapter meeting. See ya' tomorrow.
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