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RV-9A: Flap Motor & Landing Gear Mounts - 12/27/2009
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Yep, it do snow in Texas!Yep, it do snow in Texas!
What a beautiful Christmas morning! Texas weather really gets confused at Christmas time every year. Sometimes we're running the air conditioner and sometimes we're covering up in warm blankets. My son couldn't wait to build a six foot snowman in the back yard.
Getting the F-767 Attach Plate ready for nutplatesGetting the F-767 Attach Plate ready for nutplates
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the drilling of the Attach Plate with the F-758/766A assembly. I have to say that it was very frustrating. The instructions do not give any definitive instructions in the drilling of these holes. So you are pretty much left with "Yep, that thar' looks right, Drill it!". Here, I used the screws that will go into the nutplates to establish the nutplate rivet holes and then countersunk the holes.
Riveted the nutplates on and installed the F-767 Attach PlateRiveted the nutplates on and installed the F-767 Attach Plate
I never did find what type or size rivet is required for the riveting of the attach plate to the to the top of the channel. So I went and looked at the other builders websites and saw that the majority of them put a 470 (round head rivet) in these holes.
Installed the F-766 assembly in the fuselageInstalled the F-766 assembly in the fuselage
Well, my guessing at the drilling of the holes in the attach plate worked out. It fits!
Allrighty! It's time for electrical stuff!!Allrighty! It's time for electrical stuff!!
The instructions say to start of the installation of the flap motor by running the motor until the shaft is half way between its travel stops. So "Back to the Internet, Batman!". I searched throught the postings on VansAirForce.net looking for the best way to set up a power source. Most were in agreement that an old car battery would do the job, with an occasional recharge along the way. It seems that using portable power converters only add a "hummmm" to your avionics when testing. Well, I didn't have a old car battery, so I bought this one at Sam's for fifty bucks. I can always use it as a backup for when a battery goes dead in one of our cars. I got couple of nuts, bolts and washers and installed them into the side of the battery. Then I went to Lowes an bought two sets of battery clamps, one set large and the other small. Then I cut the ends off an old extension cord and made a hookup cable, soldering everything in place.
OK time to extend the rod!OK time to extend the rod!
I hooked up the wires to the battery and watched as the motor hummed and the pushrod spinned. But the push rod just spun and didn't extend! I thought "Oh hell, it's broke!". Then my inner scholar spoke to me and said "Grab the eye bolt on the end and stop it from spinning, idiot!". So I grabbed the eyebolt and wadda-ya-know, the pushrod extended. Amazing!! It's times like these when you know it's time to quit working and go sit on your butt with a beer.
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