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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 10/22/2009
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Started work on the F-981C (F-982C) Center Cabin CoverStarted work on the F-981C (F-982C) Center Cabin Cover
Why do I have two part ID's in the title of this entry? Because part "F-981C" is a typo in the instruction book. It should be F-982C. The part itself was labeled correctly, as well as the plans. I only wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out where and what the hell part F-981C was! I've been staring at the center cabin cover part for quite a while now, wondering just what the heck it was. Now I know. It protects the fuel lines that go from the firewall, through the floor and to the wings. It also covers the electric fuel boost pump and directs cabin heat. In this photo, I've drilled the F-982 Heat Baffle into place.
Fitted the F-982E Access PlateFitted the F-982E Access Plate
No drillin', jes' fittin'. Tomorrow I will deburr, sand and install the nutplates.
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