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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 10/24/2009
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Finish kit is here!Finish kit is here!
I was notified by Van's that the kit had been picked up by the trucking company early last week. By Friday, I was starting to wonder when it would arrive, so I called the trucking company in my home town and they said "Oh yeah, it's been here in our warehouse for couple of days now. We should be delivering it by Tuesday next week." Then I said "How about if I come get it myself on Saturday?" Then they said "no prob!". So I rented a U-Haul and picked up the kit. How ironic that the kit has been sitting in a warehouse for days just down the street. They were gracious enough to knock 60 bucks off the delivery price. That payed for the U-Haul truck. Here it is sitting in my garage. It measures 97 inches by 49 inches, and is 27 inches tall. It weighs 337 lbs.
Getting it out of the U-HaulGetting it out of the U-Haul
My son was looking at me like I was crazy. "It's too heavy! We'll never get it out of the truck!" Then I said "Have faith in your fat daddy, my son." We backed the truck up to the garage, put a few 2x6's on the rear bumber and laid a sheet of 3/4" plywood on the 2x6's. Then all we had to do was slide that puppy down the homemade ramp. Piece of cake!
Christmas in October!Christmas in October!
My good friend and fellow RV builder, Dean, came over and helped with opening the box and the inventory. After a couple of unsuccesful whacks on the 2x4's on top, we decided to just start prying the top piece of plywood off, which was really easy. Ooooooh, airplane stuff!
Started the invientoryStarted the invientory
Dean manned the highlighter and parts sheet, while I starting upwrapping the parts from the paper used by Van's. I felt like a kid upwrapping Christmas presents, just wondering what was inside the paper wrapper.
Oooh, more stuff...Oooh, more stuff...
Pink Pepto Parts!Pink Pepto Parts!
Of course, my son said "I'm not riding in that airplane until you paint those parts something other than PINK!". 14 years old and already Macho. That's my BOY!
Okay, now... where do I put all this stuff?
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