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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 9/23/2009
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It finally quit raining!!It finally quit raining!!
After a week and a half of drizzling rain, one can get a little depressed, especially when you're living in a area that is bathed in sunshine almost year round. I just had to take this shot of a beautiful sunset.
Nutplate drilling time againNutplate drilling time again
Now for some bending over exercises to drill the rivet holes for the nutplates between the F-742-L&R Aft Seat Floors. I can see why some builders use a rotisserie fuselage stand so they don't have to bend over so much. It's probably a good idea, but I'm going to stick with the bending over method. All I got done this evening was drilling these holes. Tomorrow I will rivet the hinge halves to the F-742-L&R Aft Seat Floors and then pop-rivet the floor sheets to the floor ribs.
Bought a different Fuel Valve from the one suppliedBought a different Fuel Valve from the one supplied
I really fought with myself on this one because of the cost. The fuel valve supplied with the kit will work fine, but there are some drawbacks. This new fuel valve has a locking switcher that requires you to lift up on the round nob to change from one tank to another. So no one can accidently bump the valve control and move it out of position. It all has a really nice label plate showing "left" and "right". The fuel valve that comes with the kit doesn't have any of these goodies.
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