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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 9/22/2009
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Time for the aft seat floorsTime for the aft seat floors
Since I've already final drilled the F-742-L&R Aft Seat Floors to the fuselage floor ribs a long time ago, I got skip that step in the instructions. Now it's time for the F-637E hinges. I started cutting these guys out of the shortest set of hinges that come with the kit. I hope that is right.
Trimmed the two eyelets away in the middle of the hingesTrimmed the two eyelets away in the middle of the hinges
Fortunately the bandsaw blade fits nicely between the eyelets for trimming these guys off. Then a little touchup with the scotchbrite wheel.
Time to drill the holes in the hingesTime to drill the holes in the hinges
Whoa, get out your sliderule for this one! The measurements on the drawing look like an Einstein formula. I triple checked myself on these measurements. Here, I've marked on my ruler where the holes go, making the marking the hinges go a little faster.
Drillin' time!Drillin' time!
I took quite a while to drill these guys, but my music is blaring and I'm in my man cave. It don't get no better than this!
Sliderule time again!Sliderule time again!
I drew a diagram on each floor seat showing exactly where each hinge goes and drilled straight into the workbench top. Then I clecoed them in place. Drilling into the workbench top helps hold stuff while you're working on the seats. I like the term "floor seat". It sounds like where some of my friends end up sitting after too many spirits at a Christmas party.
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