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RV-9A: Other Bulkheads & Longerons - 7/2/2008
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Worked on the last bulkheadsWorked on the last bulkheads
I pulled out the F-709 bulkhead and sanded the edges and fluted the flanges. Ready for priming!
Made the F-710B angle piece for the F-710 bulkheadMade the F-710B angle piece for the F-710 bulkhead
No biggy here, just cut to fit.
Primed, riveted and ready to go!Primed, riveted and ready to go!
The F-710B angle piece was easy to rivet to the F-710 bulkhead. Although the instructions didn't say to rivet this angle piece now, BUT it didn't say not to!! So I'm going to ASSume that I right in doing it now. Now on to the longeron bending extravaganza!!
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