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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 1/10/2008
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Getting setup for drilling the holes for attaching the rod endGetting setup for drilling the holes for attaching the rod end
I'm a little short on time today, so I am going to just get setup for the pushrod drilling session tomorrow. It's not real clear in drawing #15 about how many rivets go in each end of each large push rod. The drawing almost looks like only 4 pop-rivets go on each end of an individual pushrod. WRONG! If you read the small print you'll see "12x MSP-42 Blind Rivet", which means there a total of 12 MSP-42 blind rivets used in one whole pushrod, divided by the 2 ends of course. So there will be 6 pop-rivets on each end of the large pushrod, holding the threaded rod end in place. I got some removeable scotch tape and wrapped a piece around the end of the pushrod, allowing the tape to overlap itself. Then I took my pocket knife and cut the tape where it overlapped, making a tape pattern of the exact size of the exterior of the pushrod.
Time to figure where to place the pop-rivetsTime to figure where to place the pop-rivets
I grabbed a scrap piece of aluminum and stuck the removeable tape to it. Then I marked the center point of the tape.
Now to eyeball the other pop-rivets marksNow to eyeball the other pop-rivets marks
I made two marks on each side of the center mark between the center mark and the outside ends of the tape. I didn't bother to try an figure out the exact measurement. Just too damn lazy I guess. The main thing here is to get the rivets spaced out as evenly as possible.
Transferred the marks to the pushrodsTransferred the marks to the pushrods
I put the tape back on the pushrods about a half-inch back from the ends and transferred the marks to the pushrod with a short ruler.
Not bad!Not bad!
Dat'll work!
One more set of marks to makeOne more set of marks to make
I laid one of the threaded rod ends next the pushrod and marked one of the existing lines to where the hole to be drilled would hit the rod end flange dead center. Then I used a small ruler to measure the distance and transferred that distance to the other marks. Highly anal retentive? Yep...
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