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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 1/8/2008
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Started work on the pushrodsStarted work on the pushrods
The instructions say to "assemble the W-917 and W-918 pushrods as shown in DWG 9." Well, I looked all over that drawing and only saw where you assemble the whole thing after the pushrods are assembled. I found the real pushrod assembly instructions on the Drawing #15, in the upper left hand corner.
Gettin' setupGettin' setup
I pulled out my wing spar holders and set the big pushrods on them. It was quite obvious to me that these 2 big pushrods were the W-917 pushrods. But I freaked a little when I only saw one W-918 pushrod (which wasn't marked as W-918 by-the-way). Turns out you have to cut this puppy in half to make the W-918 aileron pushrods. Sometimes you find parts by process of elimination.
Here's one of the threaded rod endsHere's one of the threaded rod ends
These guys go in the end of the big pushrods and get pop-riveted in.
Here's the threaded rod end for the smaller pushrodsHere's the threaded rod end for the smaller pushrods
These might be a little hard to drill, since they're obvisiously not aluminum.
Chop Suey!Chop Suey!
I had this old metal-cutting blade hanging on the wall from a previous adventure that never came to fruition and decided to put it to use in my chop-saw (miter-saw) and make the cuts on all the pushrods.
Making the cutMaking the cut
Since the deck of the miter-saw is 3 1/2" inches high, I put a 2x4 under the pushrods to hold them up level to cut the pushrods, leaving a healthy portion of the rod in tact just short of the cut mark, since the metal cutting blade tends to waddle back and forth, making a really wide cut.
Nice cut!Nice cut!
Scary as hell, but a nice cut. I squared up the ends with my benchtop sander and then hand sanded everything smooth.
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