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RV-9A: Ailerons - 6/14/2007
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Started work on the A-905 aileron ribsStarted work on the A-905 aileron ribs
This is where I have to be careful, what's top, what's bottom, what's left, etc. I laid out the A-905 ribs on the left aileron first, because that's what is shown in the drawing, then by process of elimination, I laid out the right aileron. These ribs have tooling holes in the bottom of the rib web to let you know that that is bottom of the rib.
Clecoed on the A-905 ribs and the A-902 bottom skinsClecoed on the A-905 ribs and the A-902 bottom skins
I final drilled the ends of the skins to the A-905 ribs leaving the most forward hole in the spar alone.
Oopsies, Van's made a boo-booOopsies, Van's made a boo-boo
All of these skins are exactly 48 inches long, but not this one. It's 47 15/16" long. You can see the end rib sticking out after being clecoed in place. Oh well, it's the bottom skin. Ya' ain't gonna see it from the top view of the wing. Time to keep movin' on. I removed the bottom skins and deburred and dimpled the ends.
Dimpled the A-905 ribsDimpled the A-905 ribs
After deburring, I dimpled the rib holes that I could get to with my hand squeezer, but the rest had get dimpled using the vise-grip dimplers. In order to get a really nice dimple, I had to set the vise grips dimplers to the most extreme setting, to where they almost wouldn't close while making the dimple. Otherwise I would get a dip instead of a dimple.
Put in the 2 temporary rivets to hold the ribs in placePut in the 2 temporary rivets to hold the ribs in place
Hmm... The instructions say to put in two rivets, one "at the forward end and one near the center of each rib". The instructions also say to look at picture in the manual, but I couldn't make out where the front rivet was in the picture. So simple logic would dictate that you wouldn't put the forward most rivet into the spar/rib intersection, otherwise you wouldn't be able to final drill the front curved skin through the top skin and into the spar. So I put my forward rivet in the second rib hole from the front. Then I removed all of the clecoes so the this back skin can lay flat on the table when it is flipped over.
Flopped the ailerons overFlopped the ailerons over
Now they're ready for the top skins to be clecoed on.
Clecoed on the A-901B top skins to A-905 ribsClecoed on the A-901B top skins to A-905 ribs
Tomorrow I will cleco on the A-901A nose skins.
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