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RV-9A: Ailerons - 6/13/2007
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Back riveted on the Aileron stiffenersBack riveted on the Aileron stiffeners
I used Scotch magic removable tape to hold the line of rivets in for each stiffener before I backriveted everything on my homemade backboard. I found out from previous experience that if I hold the backrivet tool directly perpendicular over the rivet, the rivet would smoosh (is that a word?) over to one side and the shop head would be slanted. But if I leaned the backrivet tool over toward the flange of the stiffener, the rivet came out perfect every time! I don't get it... but it works.
Oooh, datsa' nice!Oooh, datsa' nice!
If I do say so... and I do!
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