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RV-9A: Ailerons - 6/15/2007
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Clecoed the A-901A nose skin to the A-902 bottom skin and A-903 sparClecoed the A-901A nose skin to the A-902 bottom skin and A-903 spar
So far so good. This nose skin is made from fairly thick aluminum. I'm not looking forward to what comes next.
Oh boy. How do you do this?Oh boy. How do you do this?
I put black electrical tape on the top back skin to hopefully hold it in line with the holes in the spar. No such luck, I removed the black tape. As stated in the instructions, I pulled the whole assembly forward on the table until the bottom spar clecos hung off the table, allowing the bottom skin to lay flat on the table. I tried to pull the front skin down to cleco it to the spar with no luck. The forward skin holes weren't even coming close to allow me to cleco the skin to the spar holes. At this point I figured I would need someone to come over and help me get this dude on.
Finally got the front skins on!Finally got the front skins on!
About the time I was ready to close up shop, I thought "There must be a way for one guy do this!". I remembered the duct tape episode on the tank skins. So put 3 strips of duct tape on the front skin and the back skin. Then I started pealing the tape off the back skin one piece at a time and re-attaching the tape after pulling the forward skin down a little a time. Eventually the forward skin was laying down flat on the spar, held in place by the 3 pieces of tape. Now all I had to do was add a little extra pressure in the middle of the front spar to get the first cleco in the middle of the spar. Then it was just a matter of working my way out to each end. Phew!
Thar' tis...Thar' tis...
BUT, the trailing edge of the top and bottom skins are destorted now. They look like waves on the ocean. I went to Mike Schippers website and found that he ran into the same outcome, but it all came out fine and straight after the trailing edge was riveted.
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