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RV-9A: Ailerons - 6/12/2007
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Time for blue film therapy!Time for blue film therapy!
Got the old soldering iron out and started removing the excess blue plastic film.
Dimpled the top and bottom aileron skinsDimpled the top and bottom aileron skins
Once again I used my pop-rivet dimplers to do these dimples. Did I mention that I hate that "C" Frame dimpler? I only use that %^&* thing when the skins are so thick that the pop-rivet dimplers won't do the job. Oh well, my preference. Someone asked me yesterday when I would finish the RV. I hadn't really thought about it. Hmm... Let's see... Finish the wings, start the fuselage, then the finish kit, then the avionics, ... ARRGGGH. Nope, ain't gonna' go there. I am one with the RV Gods and happy in the moment.
Hommmmm.... zzzzzzzzzzzz
Got my new grill for Oshkosh!Got my new grill for Oshkosh!
That'll work.... Even has a second level for keeping stuff warm.
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