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RV-9A: Ailerons - 6/8/2007
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Look Mom! I'm growing clecos!Look Mom! I'm growing clecos!
I'm starting to understand why Van's wants us to build the 2'x8' extreme flat table top for the flaps and ailerons. If any part of this construction is not done on a flat service, it could result in oil-canning of the skins. Here I have final drilled the ailerons stiffeners into the top and bottom skins and into the table top. The clecos hold everything tightly onto the table surface.
Making damn sure I know which side is upMaking damn sure I know which side is up
Sharpie time! I have numbered all of the stiffeners and the skins so I can put the stiffeners back where they came from. I have also made notations on the skins of right, left, top, bottom, inside, outside, spar and trailing edge. I have heard horror stories of builders that final drill all the parts and then take everything apart, only to realize that they didn't mark anything and don't have a clue how to put things back together.
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