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RV-9A: Ailerons - 5/26/2007
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Dimpled the holes in the top skin for the gap fairingsDimpled the holes in the top skin for the gap fairings
I started off using my avery hand squeezer with a longeron yoke to dimple these holes. The dimples looked fine on the thin outboard skin, but the thicker inboard skin dimples started showing craters around the dimple.
Switched to the ATS hand squeezerSwitched to the ATS hand squeezer
This hand squeezer is a little heavy, BUT is has a stronger squeeze than the Avery hand squeezer. I used it before on the tank screw hole dimples and it made those dimples perfect, without any sign of craters around the dimples.
Did a compare of dimples between the squeezersDid a compare of dimples between the squeezers
I drilled a couple of holes in a scrap piece that was the same thickness as the inboard wing skin. Then I dimpled the holes with the two hand squeezers. The ATS dimple on the bottom of the picture was definitely more well defined.
Deburred, dimpled and primed the gap fairingsDeburred, dimpled and primed the gap fairings
I will rivet these dudes to the wings tomorrow. Then I'll start work on building the flaps and ailerons.
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