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RV-9A: Right Wing Prep - 12/12/2006
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Getting ready for the riveting sessionGetting ready for the riveting session
I put duct tape on the W-906B/D spar flange bars on the main spar to prevent any damage from using the bucking bar while riveting the ribs in place. I also screwed 2 2x4’s to the top of the work bench to prevent the spar from scooting off the table top. UPDATE 12/14/2006: I should have used medical tape instead of duct tape. Believe it or not, medical tape is stronger when it comes to not falling apart when being whacked by the bucking bar.
More riveting prep…More riveting prep…
I removed the rear spar and replaced it with a piece of scrap aluminum angle. It’s just long enough to provide some stability to the whole assembly. I put a 6 foot piece of black rubber matting under the assembly to help prevent any scooting around during the riveting session. You can get these 6 foot rubber mats from Harbour Freight. They’re a lot cheaper there than anywhere else. Tomorrow, I will remove the all of the end ribs, leaving the ones attached to the temporary aluminum angle. Then I will rivet each rib in place, one at a time, working my way from the middle to the end of the spare on each end.UPDATE 12/13/2006: After riveting this dude together I found that the aluminum angle was totally unnecessary. Also, the order in which I did the ribs is totally different than what I logged here. Look at the next page.
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