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RV-9A: Horizontal Stabilizer - 8/21/2005
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Fluted the HS-904 and HS-905 ribsFluted the HS-904 and HS-905 ribs
These ribs have a little arch to them, I'm sure from being pressed into shape by Van's machinery. Putting a "crimp" in the edges, using a fluting tool, pulls the arch out and straightens out the rib.
Cut out the HS-909 shimsCut out the HS-909 shims
I couldn't find these shims anywhere in the parts pile, so I made I figured that I had to make them up from the packet of extra aluminum sheets that come with the kit.
Clecoed on the shimsClecoed on the shims
I put one "pilot" hole in the ends of the shims and clecoed them on the main spar and then drilled out the other 2 holes using the spar as a guide. Before I put the shims on, I drew a line down the middle of the shim so I could see from the other side, to help line everything up for drilling.
Clecoed everything togetherClecoed everything together
Whoa, this is looking cool! It's bigger than I thought it would be.
Dang it! I found the missing shims!Dang it! I found the missing shims!
Here's one the for screw-ups page. I received a response from the RV-9A Yahoo email group, from Lorin Dueck, saying the shims came in one of the small brown bags (#1903 - Small Emp Parts). I looked in the my wall storage unit where I stored the bag stuff and sure enough, there they were! No problem, I'll just change them out. Thanks Lorin!
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