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The Fuselage is here!! 2/29/2008 - The Fuselage is here!!
This box is HUGE!. Totally covered in thick plywood, all the way around and no apparent sign of damage. The ABF truck driver was a great help. He wheeled it right up to the garage door and even helped ... read more
Started the Fuselage inventory 3/2/2008 - Started the Fuselage inventory
Once again, I feel like a kid at Christmas, attacking the box with my crowbar, with joyful anticipation of what's inside. After a blissful "Coool!" I started pulling stuff out.
... read more
Still working on Inventory 3/5/2008 - Still working on Inventory
I'm going through a really large bag of small parts, rivets, screws, nutplates, etc... and putting them into my storage bins. This time I'm really labeling the crap out of everything so there won't be ... read more
Finished the inventory! 3/8/2008 - Finished the inventory!
I had to go buy another cabinet to store all the rivets, screws, bolts and small parts to hold everything. It took a long time to mark each tray, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of time ... read more
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SmittysRV.com is an Amazon Associate
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