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RV-9A: Fuselage Inventory & Setup - 3/8/2008
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Finished the inventory!Finished the inventory!
I had to go buy another cabinet to store all the rivets, screws, bolts and small parts to hold everything. It took a long time to mark each tray, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend later trying to find stuff.
Parts, Parts and more Parts!Parts, Parts and more Parts!
When you get through taking everything of the crate, the next question that comes to mind is "where the hell am I going to store all these parts?". Here's my solution for the "not so small stuff". I cut Van's shipping crate in half and made one long 20" inch wide box out of it. It ought to hold quite a bit of stuff.
Stored the skins overheadStored the skins overhead
I made this over head rack back when I was working on the tailkit. It has really come in handy when I run out of room on "my side" of the garage.
Close-up of the hook-upClose-up of the hook-up
The whole overhead rack is pretty simple. Four 2x2s, covered with cheap carpet, eyebolts and swaglamp chains.
Bought some RubbermaidsBought some Rubbermaids
There are a butt-load of parts in this kit. I know its going to be tough to find stuff, so I bought several of these containers at Lowes and put the separate Sub Kits in each and then labeled the containers. It should help in searching for parts. I also scanned the parts lists into an Excel spreadsheet with my OCR scanner. That way I can do a "find" on part names and numbers.
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