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RV-9A: Fuselage Inventory & Setup - 3/2/2008
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Started the Fuselage inventoryStarted the Fuselage inventory
Once again, I feel like a kid at Christmas, attacking the box with my crowbar, with joyful anticipation of what's inside. After a blissful "Coool!" I started pulling stuff out.
Pullin' and a markin'Pullin' and a markin'
The parts list was printed this time with a nice laser printer, instead of the "hard to read" dot matrix printed sheets from the wing kit. I pulled out the sub-kits, which were wrapped in the plastic and marked them off on the parts list with a highlighter.
Finally finished the initial inventoryFinally finished the initial inventory
Now I will need to go back and do individual inventories on each sub-kit. Maybe tomorrow, I'm pooped.
Bag's o' stuffingBag's o' stuffing
The kit was padded with long sheets of brown packing paper, which was wadded up and placed strategically throughout the crate. The trash guy is going to love this. Also, the guys at Van's must be into health food. I found a dark brown, dried up banana peal in the box. That's OK, I had a good laugh.
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