Smitty's RV-9A - Experimental Aircraft from Van's Aircraft The RV-9A from Van's Aircraft Howdeeeeee! I'm building an RV-9A from Van's Aircraft. Take your shoes off and sit a spell.
Howdy Ya'll
Howdy! I building an RV-9A! I'm an aviation nut and am excited about building my RV-9A from Van's Aircraft. Have a look around!
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RV Construction Log
- Horizontal Stabilizer (49:40)
- Vertical Stabilizer (21:15)
- Rudder (32:15)
- Right Elevator (35:45)
- Left Elevator (30:50)
- Inventory & Setup (9:30)
- Left Wing Prep (54:30)
- Left Fuel Tank (45:20)
- Left Wing Skins (46:10)
- Right Wing Prep (34:15)
- Right Fuel Tank (47:50)
- Right Wing Skins (40:15)
- Ailerons (54:30)
- Flaps (40:30)
- Rods and ends (18:45)
- Fuselage Parts List
- Inventory and Setup (7:15)
- FireWall (14:30)
- F-704 Bulkhead (13:25)
- F-705 Bulkhead (14:20)
- Other Bulkheads
   and Longerons

- Tailcone (29:30)
- Center Section (35:15)
- Forward Section (52:40)
- Forward Assembly (24:30)
- Skins/Baggage Area (46:30)
- Seats & Seat Floors (30:15)
- Flaps & Gear Mounts (18:15)
- Fuselage Plumbing (14:0)
- Tail Feathers (16:35)
- Front Deck/Firewall (58:50)
Finish Kit
- Electrical (57:30)
- Electrical Part 2 (24:0)
- Canopy (22:30)
- Landing Gear (18:35)
How I Did Stuff
Pop-Rivet Dimpler 101
My Wing Jig
My Wing Cradle
Wing Cradle Mod
Tilting Tank Jig
Delrin Aileron Stops
Nutplate Preparation
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Preparation - 4/26/2004
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Bought pneumatic drill from Home DepotBought pneumatic drill from Home Depot
I got this drill from Home Depot for less than $50, BUT the instructions recommended that I have an in-line filter to catch dust particles and drain water, an in-line oil lubricator and a regulator. I will make quick connects for each item so I can take it apart easily. When I get ready to spray paint, I will remove the in-line oil lubricator as recommended by paint sprayer instructions. All of the in-line systems and connections cost $127. I am starting to refer to HD as "Second Home Depot". Amazon also sells a nice 3/8-Inch Reversible Pneumatic Drill.
Mounted the air filter, regulator and oil lubricatorMounted the air filter, regulator and oil lubricator
After reading the instructions from the pneumatic drill, I learned that the air hose that feeds this setup needs to come up from the compressor and then down to the air filter, regulator and oil lubricator. This prevents oil from going back into the compressor. Also they recommend that the oil lubricator be mounted higher that the pneumatic tool in use. The oil lubricator has a clear "oil drip" located at the top of unit, so you can see how drips are going into the air hose to the pneumatic tool when in use. You can adjust the flow, but they don't tell how much is "too much". Notice I have a quick connects on each unit. When I get ready to spray paint, the oil lubricator will be removed and I will use a dedicated "clean" hose. UPDATE:The oil lubricator is not really needed. If you're like me, you want to lubricate your pneumatic tool yourself as you use it. On my next RV (arr-arr), I'm not going to put the in-line water drain in either. However multiple in-line air control gauges (regulators) are a must.
Added a T adaptor and another air regulator. Added a T adaptor and another air regulator.
Jacking with pressure when switching from the drill to the rivet gun is a real pain in the butt. I added a "T" adapter and a second air regulator. This allows two hoses to be going, one set at 40 lbs for the rivet gun, and the other set at 90 lbs for the drill. All found at your friendly neighborhood Home Depot.
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