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RV-9A: Electrical - 1/24/2011
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Now to cut the holes for the Airspeed Indicator and AltimeterNow to cut the holes for the Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter
I love excuses to buy new tools. Ever since taking woodshop in Junior High School, I've always wanted one of these spindle sanders. It's a round cylinder that spins and goes up and down. Great for sanding rounded corners on wood projects. Since aluminum is easy to sand, I decided to use this dude to finish off my holes for the Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter.
Here's a link to the Spindle Sander.
Now to cut the holesNow to cut the holes
I grabbed my unibit and went around the inside of the lines I drew on the panel, using Van's Nut Ring Instrument Mount as a template. As you can see here, I already did one, using the new spindle sander. Since the diameter of the spindle is close to the size of the hole, it made it really easy to make a nice rounded hole.
Not bad!Not bad!
I know I could have bought one of those fancy panel hole cutters, but it would have just set on the shelf until my next aircraft project. This way I get to play around with the spindle sander making other wooden projects which fall under the "Honey-Do" category.
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