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RV-9A: Electrical - 9/19/2010
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The Switch/Breaker kit has arrived!The Switch/Breaker kit has arrived!
This kit was put together to correspond to the Wiring Harness kit that I received a while back. I should have ordered them at same time, but I didn''t even know that this switch/breaker existed. I also should have ordered the Ignition Switch as well. This Switch/Breaker Kit (ES WD-SW) comes with five 10 amp switches, one 1 amp switch, one master switch, one 5 amp breaker, one 10 amp breaker and one 60 amp breaker. For some strange reason, the Switch/Breaker kit only has on one 5 amp switch in it and you need two. The wiring plans show two 5 amp switches. Weird, huh?
Mounted the switches and breakersMounted the switches and breakers
These dudes are only hand-tight. You'll notice a hole in the panel where the missing 5 amp switch goes. I am going to do a hand-tight install through-out this whole wiring experiment until I feel confident that I have everything where it goes. Then I will go back and tighten everything, also putting on the shrink fit tubing and try out my electrical system. Oh, by the way, how did I know which way is up? The switch stem has the number of amps stamped on the end.
The rear viewThe rear view
Cool! These switches and breakers add a lot of weight to the panel. I noticed right away that I'm going to have a problem with the 60 amp breaker being longer that the other two breakers. The short copper bar I made last week ain't gonna' work.
Trial copper bar fitTrial copper bar fit
Perfect fit! Phew!
Oops! Trouble with my pre-fabbed short copper bar.Oops! Trouble with my pre-fabbed short copper bar.
I found that the short copper wouldn't work for the breakers that come in the Switch/Breaker Kit (ES WD-SW) from Van's. The holes that I drilled in the short copper bar are too large for the screws on 2 of the breakers. Also, the short copper had to be bent to custom fit the larger and longer 60 amp breaker for the alternator.
Here's the new custom fit copper barHere's the new custom fit copper bar
The screws in the two 5 and 10 amp breakers are smaller than the ones in the switches, so I made holes in the copper to fit them. The 60 amp breaker screw is huge, so I drilled that one to fit as well.
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