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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 4/27/2010
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Getting the SV-1 Inlet Vents readyGetting the SV-1 Inlet Vents ready
Before I can put these vents in place, there are a few things that need to be done. First, I made these small pieces of aluminum and drilled holes into them using the vent rivet holes as a drilling guide. Then I flipped the vents over and countersunk the holes in the vents with my hand countersink tool. Next, my favorite, Proseal, black snot in a can. I put a layer of proseal around the edges of the vents with a pop-sicle stick.
Pop-riveted the vents in placePop-riveted the vents in place
I opted for pop-rivets. For 2 reasons. I didn't want the take a chance of breaking the thin, brittle plastic with my rivet gun, and secondly, I'm lazy.
Here's the pop-rivets I usedHere's the pop-rivets I used
I found out about these CCC-32 Cherry Rivet stainless steel pop-rivets that are exactly 3/32", unlike the MK-319-BS pop-rivets that come with the kit, which are 7/64". They are also longer than the MK-319-BS pop-rivets.
Good fitGood fit
There's a nice even "ooze" of proseal around the edges.
Painted the SV-2 Vent Adapter and put RTV in the SV-1Painted the SV-2 Vent Adapter and put RTV in the SV-1
I thought it would be better to paint the white vent adapter black, just so you wouldn't see it so much when the vents are open. The instructions suggest that you put some silicone RTV around the swivel opener inside the SV-5 Vent Outlet to prevent air from coming into the cabin around the edges of the swivel. I did this and it worked, but it looks like crap. BUT, wouldn't you know it, there is "better" vent outlet out there. OK, I'll bite. I'm going to order the nicer aluminum vents from Van's.
Moving right along...Moving right along...
Before I put the rudder pedals in, I decided to install the gascolator mounting bracket on the firewall. I have to disconnect the fuel vent fitting and the rubber clamps holding the vent line in order to drill some of the holes. I also removed the panel forward deck to make things easier and to also get it out of the way so I can install the rudder pedals tomorrow.
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