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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 10/30/2009
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Drilled the nutplate holes into the F-601K firewall recessDrilled the nutplate holes into the F-601K firewall recess
Now that I have all the center cabin cover parts partially screwed and clecoed in place, it's time to drill the nutplates holes into the F-601K firewall recess. The recess part allows better access to the engine after it's installed.
Installed the nutplates on the F-983C Fuel Valve CoverInstalled the nutplates on the F-983C Fuel Valve Cover
No biggy here.
Trial fit of all the floor partsTrial fit of all the floor parts
All of these parts are removeable for access later, after the aircraft is finished. Now that I have them in, it's time to take the out AGAIN. I have to run the fuel lines pretty soon. The center cover plate protects these fuel lines.
Shop (garage) picturesShop (garage) pictures
My good friend and fellow EAA'r, Bruce emailed me and wanted to see pictures of my shop. I have three words to describe it "bless this mess"! This picture is the back end of the shop. You'll noticed that I have all my "yet to be installed" parts in a homebuilt roll around box that I made from the crates that Van's Aircraft sent me containing airplane parts. Also I have a lockable tool cabinet over my little fridge. Funny how exposed tools float away on their own.
Here's the back endHere's the back end
I have a really narrow workbench against the side wall of the garage. I had to build it to fit between the edge of the garage door and the side while. I really don't understand while homebuilders are cutting down on the size of garages. Garages are a man's domain! This piece of crap garage is only 19x17 feet! A full size, 4 door chevy pickup won't even fit in it. OK, enough complaining... As you can see, I set up my stereo and my TV in the corner. I even have a CD and a DVD player! Pitiful, right? The big box with the carpet on it is my compressor. I made the box out of 3/4 inch plywood and lined the inside with foam rubber. It really cuts down on the sound when the compressor is running.
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