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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 10/14/2009
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Seat backs are finishedSeat backs are finished
I took several evenings to get them done. I now have a new appreciation for pre-drilled parts.
Here are the hinge pinsHere are the hinge pins
I noticed that on some builders sites that they didn't place the hinges correctly on the seat back, thus getting the seat over one notch on the hinge lineup. If your seats are done correctly, the end of the floor hinge should match up with the outside edge of the seat back.
Good fit!Good fit!
This is really cool how this works out. The insert for the back brace really firms things up.
Cutting the hinge pinCutting the hinge pin
That hinge pin is one tough piece of metal! Luckily I had a pair of heavy duty metal cutters on my tool wall. I put the pin into my vice and whacked the 90 degree angle of the pin in with my hammer.
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