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RV-9A: Seats and Seat Floors - 10/5/2009
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Riveted the F-741 Tunnel Cover togetherRiveted the F-741 Tunnel Cover together
This one little part is very time consuming. I thought, "Wow, I'm almost done!". Then I saw on the plans that the rivets were flat head rivets. Oh well, get out the dimpling and countersinking tools. I scratched my head for a while trying to figure out how to set these rivets. Then I tried using my 4 inch no-hole yoke on the pneumatic squeezer and all of a sudden, it became an easy task.
It's ready to partially screw it into place.
Installed the nutplates on the Forward Seat FloorsInstalled the nutplates on the Forward Seat Floors
I was able to use my hand held rivet squeezers on all these rivets.
Partially screwed everything downPartially screwed everything down
I am still amazed at how everything lines up perfectly. The screws just slide right into the nutplates.
Time to start working on the seat backsTime to start working on the seat backs
Here I'm drilling the lightning holes into the F-638 back brace. I've had this drill bit ever since high school. Who would have thought that I'd be using it to build an airplane! I set the drill press on the slowest speed and went really sloooooowww on these holes. You don't want to be holding a piece of sharp-edged sheet metal and have the thing spin out of control by going to fast or pressing to hard.
Poof! Done!Poof! Done!
Nope, not really. When the holes get drilled, it's time to sand, sand, sand. The bottom of each hole drilled leaves a small folded edge of aluminum around the perimeter of the hole, which has to be sanded off and the edge rounded. It's a little bit time consuming.
Trimmed the ends of the F-638 back braces  Trimmed the ends of the F-638 back braces
These edges were originally square and had to be cut off and sanded.
Rounded the end of the seat F-637B anglesRounded the end of the seat F-637B angles
These angles go on each side of the seats and provide the strength to support the weight of potentially fat passengers or pilots. Those of whom who view pizza and beer as part of the essential food groups. There are two types of angle material in the kit that are 3/4" by 3/4". One is thick and the other thin. These are of the thick variety.
On the other end...On the other end...
This was a little tricky. The hinges must go under the other end of the F-637B angle. I was able to do these cuts by laying the angle material onto a scrap piece of 2x4 and running it slowly through the bandsaw.
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