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RV-9A: F-704 Bulkhead - 4/20/2008
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Need I say more?Need I say more?
The cup says it all...
Finished installed the F-983B support ribsFinished installed the F-983B support ribs
I just used the trusty old rivet gun and bucking bar. I also torqued the nuts on to the bolts.
Recycled spacer blocks!Recycled spacer blocks!
Yesterday I went to the EAA Chapter 1246 Fly-in Fish Fry and ran into Mike Schipper and he gave me his spacer blocks from when he was building his RV-9A! Very cool!
Bolted in the spacer blocksBolted in the spacer blocks
I ready now to make the F-904J center section spacers. I kept the nuts loose on the bulkhead so I would be able to get the spacers in after I make them.
Close-up shot of one of the spacersClose-up shot of one of the spacers
The wood spacers look to be made of 2 cabinet grade pieces of plywood, glued together. I have some 7/16" bolts that are 4 and 6 inches long. the 4 inch ones are a perfect fit for nuts and washers. I bought these bolts at Lowes and they are just temporary. The bolts that really go here are fatter and are tough to get in. They will go in when I'm ready to install the wings.
Here's the package from the 7/16 - 4 inch boltHere's the package from the 7/16 - 4 inch bolt
I found these bolts in the pull-out cabinet section of Lowes. They are expensive but more precisely made than the cheap crap they have in the regular nut and bolt bins.
The F-904J center section spacers are finishedThe F-904J center section spacers are finished
I had drill out the hole on the F-904B side to 1/4 inch to get the bolt in. I didn't tighten these 1/4 inch bolts. It's the fit of the F-904J center section spacers that is more important here.
One bulkhead - finished!One bulkhead - finished!
There is a lot of detail work on this dude. I also waited until I had the whole thing together before I installed the black plastic snap bushings.
Here's the flip sideHere's the flip side
You'll notice that I put the spacers and bolts in a zip lock back and taped it to the bulkhead. I'm going to leave the wood spacers in for now, just to make it easier to store the bulkhead until later.
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