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RV-9A: Firewall - 3/20/2008
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Final drilled the F-601J AnglesFinal drilled the F-601J Angles
These dudes were a little bit tricky, especially having the smaller spacers underneath these angles to drill through. I lined up all the parts and clamped everything down, and then drilled all the holes.
Final drilled the F-6122-1 Trigear Break BracketFinal drilled the F-6122-1 Trigear Break Bracket
"Trigear Break Bracket"... gee that sounds really cool, but I have no idea what it's for. Guess I'll find out later. Anyway it be drilled now!
Final drilled the F-601Z Aux Fuel Pump Firewall DoublerFinal drilled the F-601Z Aux Fuel Pump Firewall Doubler
This part was a bit of a brain teaser. It has 2 nutplates that will go on it, but they go on the forward side of the firewall. Also this piece get countersinked on the aft side of the plate. Let's see... how many times can I walk back and forth to the plans and the work bench? Even the bees think I'm nuts.
Fabricated and final drilled the F-601E-1 stiffenerFabricated and final drilled the F-601E-1 stiffener
I had to go on an Easter egg for this part. The drawing says to make the part from AA6-063x3/4x3/4. Where the hell is that? Once again, I went back to my Excel spreadsheet and "searched" for the part and located it in a particular sub-kit. I went to that sub-kit and didn't find the part. ARGGGGH! I went through each part, and through the process of elimination found the part, which wasn't labeled or marked. Can you the count time spent looking for parts?
It's dimplin' time!!It's dimplin' time!!
Before I started messing around with this really sharped-edged firewall, I sanded the edges smooth to prevent any unnecessary "slicing" and "dicing" of body parts. I grabbed four hunks of four inch foam rubber and put the firewall on top and started doing the "C-Frame Bash". Sounds like a new dance...
Time for countersinks!Time for countersinks!
After the dimplin' was done I starting working on countersinking the firewall stiffeners. I nailed a couple of 1 inch thick boards onto the work bench to hold the stiffeners angles to where I could countersink them with ease.
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