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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 1/29/2008
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Put the flaps on (temporarily)Put the flaps on (temporarily)
I wanted to see how things line up along the trailing edge. Due to the lack of space in my garage, I decided long ago to assemble the left wing and flap first and then the right. Apparently this line of thinking is now showing in the final results. I pulled the aileron over and looked down the trailing edge on my right wing and it was damn near perfect, a nice straight line. However, the left wing trailing edge had a small wave in it. Not much, perhaps an 1/8 inch off in the middle of the trailing edge line. My experience with building the left wing and flap paid off in the near perfect construction of the right wing and flap. After having a great email conversation with Bill Repucci (who has a very nice completed RV-9) about this delimma, I decided that it's not enough to even worry about. THANKS BILL!
Just can't get enough of the Proseal!Just can't get enough of the Proseal!
I mixed a generous portion of some leftover Proseal and dabbed some on the wing conduit to keep it from moving around inside the pre-drilled holes in the ribs. Apparently vibration will eat right into this stuff and possible mess up your wiring. P.U.!
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