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RV-9A: Ailerons - 8/4/2007
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Started clecoing the leading edge skin to the sparStarted clecoing the leading edge skin to the spar
I started off putting duct on the aileron skins and pulling the leading edge skin down to the spar a little at a time. Then I started putting in clecos, starting the leading edge ribs and then moving across the spar on each end until I finished in the middle of the spar.
Tah dah!Tah dah!
Boy howdy... That was a little tough. You'll notice that the trailing edge of the top and bottom skins are doing the "wave". From what I have seen on the other builders websites, this is normal, however disconcerting.
Riveted the A-904 nose ribsRiveted the A-904 nose ribs
I used my small no-hole yoke on my Avery hand squeezer to put these rivets in.
Blind riveted the A-909 counterbalance to the A-901A nose skinBlind riveted the A-909 counterbalance to the A-901A nose skin
I must have done a decent job of drilling these holes because it was hard to get the pop-rivets into the holes. I had to drill out the holes a little to get the pop-rivets in. Here's the scary part. The instructions say "For a nicer finish you can use a small hammer and tap the top and bottom edges of the rivet heads down flush to follow the tight radius of the skin." I don't about you, but whacking your beautiful creation with a hammer just feels weird. Nevertheless, I gently tapped the top and bottom of the pop-rivet heads and easily formed each rivet to the rounded contour of the leading edge skin.
Ready to rivet the skins to the sparReady to rivet the skins to the spar
I put one of the ailerons into the 2 jigs. Momma just got home. Time to quit working. I'm pooped anyway. Tomorrow I will start riveting the skins to the spar.
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