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RV-9A: Right Wing Prep - 12/27/2006
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Finished clecoing the lead edge assembly togetherFinished clecoing the lead edge assembly together
I waited for my order of new clecos to come in so I could finish putting this dude together. After completing this part I read the next instruction in the manual which said to remove the bottom skins, which would have given me more clecos than I actually needed. Do'h! Oh well, it never hurts to have more clecos than you need.
Mounted the leading edge assembly on the main sparMounted the leading edge assembly on the main spar
This right wing thing is really going faster than I thought it would. I started putting the clecos into the main spar and when I got to the outboard end, I noticed that the gap between the leading edge skin and the wing skin was way to big. So I removed the end rib and adjusted the leading edge flange of the rib a little bit to make a better fit to close the gap.
Inserted the W-919 Doubler stripInserted the W-919 Doubler strip
I talk about this part a lot more here when I did the left wing, so I didn't put as much detail on this part. This is quite a wrestling match to put this dude in. I did a pre-bend on the strip by laying the strip over the leading edge assembly and then cut it size. I marked a line on the strip with a sharpie to help line up the strip with the skin holes. After getting everything in place, I final drilled the rib and doubler strip using the pre-drilled holes in the skin. Tomorrow I will finish final drilling the whole lead edge assembly.
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