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RV-9A: Right Wing Prep - 12/24/2006
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Started work on right wing leading edge assemblyStarted work on right wing leading edge assembly
The first entree on todays menu is to make holes in the back flange of the 5th rib in the leading edge assembly to accommodate 2 exiting rivets on the main spar. I placed the rib directly over the main spar to mark where the holes will be made. I noticed that the pre-drilled hole on the top-side end of the rib, lined up perfectly with the main spar rivet. So all I had to do was drilled it out to 3/8" with my unibit. Not so on the other end. I had to drill a new hold in the flange of the rib to accomodate the main spar rivet.
Time to insert them ribsTime to insert them ribs
Otherwise known as the wresting match with the "blue alligator". I have seen other builders website entries where they say that they just can't get the ribs in to the leading edge skin while it's in the wood cradle. I have to agree, I couldn't do it either. One would have to exert a hefty amount of force on the back end of the rib to get the rib into position to put in the first front clecos. Therefore I will cheat. First, with the mouth of the alligator open, I put clecos in the first 2 holes on the top side of the skin and let them hang freely in space.
What a croc! (ah-dile that is)What a croc! (ah-dile that is)
Then I put some aircraft adhesive (duct tape) over the back of the skin, bringing it down slightly. Now I can put in some clecos in the first hole on the bottom side.
Here I am cheating againHere I am cheating again
I couldn't find the bottom rib hole from the outside, so I brought the "mountain to Mohammad" by moving the rib around on the inside of the skin until it was over the skin hole, and then clecoed it in place.
Slipped the skin into the cradleSlipped the skin into the cradle
After putting the skin into the cradle, I remove the taped and layed the whole thing on it's back side and started putting in the top clecos. After about 8 clecos on top and 3 on the bottom, the whole assembly really started fitting together nicely. Uh-Oh, ran out of piddies (clecos that is). I have another order of clecos coming from Averys. Delivery will not be until tuesday, Dang it!
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