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RV-9A: Right Wing Prep - 12/14/2006
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Riveted on the right wing rear sparRiveted on the right wing rear spar
I used a combination of the hand squeezer and the pneumatic squeezer to rivet on the spar. The instructions are a little vague about what rivets to not put in. There are groupings of rivetings shown on the drawing that overlap each other making it difficult to know what part to rivet now. So I choose to not rivet some holes where some unknown (future) parts were shown (if that makes sense).
Loaded the left wing on to the wing cradleLoaded the left wing on to the wing cradle
I called my good friend Brian and asked if he would help me take the left wing off the jig and put it on the cradle. We placed the wing onto the cradle and it fit perfectly! I see the reason now for the specific length of the cradle mentioned in the plans. The outboard end of the wing sits on the cradle exactly where there is a rib to match the cradle support. Thanks Brian!
What the heck. One more picture please…What the heck. One more picture please…
It will be really easy to work on this wing when it comes time for attaching more parts and doing the wiring. Tomorrow I will put the right wing assembly on the wing jig and start putting it together.
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