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Left Fuel Tank - 5/29/2006
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Countersunk the rivet holes in the T-407Countersunk the rivet holes in the T-407
No, the level is not for checking the work table for levelness. The cutout areas in the level allow the countersink bit to do it's job better by not hitting the work bench below. You'll noticed that I have small piece of scrap aluminum from the extra sheet bundle that I drilled a #40 hole in and then dimpled. I used this scrap piece to check the countersink hole for correct depthness. I'm starting to get a collection of these "countersink" checkers for all sorts of countersink holes. When I make these checkers I make sure that the thickness of the material is the same as the material to be riveted inside the countersink.
Started riveting the platenuts to the reinforcement plate and ribStarted riveting the platenuts to the reinforcement plate and rib
Putting the clecos on this side of the nutplate make perfect legs for riveting process when flipped over.
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