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RV-9A: Right Elevator - 11/23/2005
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Finished dimpling the Right Elevator skinFinished dimpling the Right Elevator skin
Datsa' lot of holes!
Clecoed the E-903 and E-904 ribs togetherClecoed the E-903 and E-904 ribs together
These ribs were a real booger to prep before clecoing together. I reallly had to make use of the fluter to make these skis straight. I also had to bend the flanges in to make the backs of the ribs lay flat against each other.
Clecoed on the E-913 Counterbalance skinsClecoed on the E-913 Counterbalance skins
This is first time I have had to flute the front flange on a rib. The front flange actually had a arch to it. Also I found one hole that was obviously mis-drilled at the factory on one of the long flanges on one rib. I managed to get a cleco in it, but it is really bent over. I'm sure the final drilling of the skin to the ribs will take care of this.
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