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Pop Riveting - Getting the Right Tools - Manual VS Pneumatic VS Cordless
There are over 12,500 Pop Rivets in the RV-12iS. That's a lot of rivets, especially if you're popping them by hand. Time for some specialized tools!
1/17/2020 - RV-12iS Tail-kit Should Arrive Today!
Can't wait! We have a cell phone close by, waiting for the truck driver to call and say he's on his way! I think we're ready.
What we've learned about Air Compressors
Next time we build an Airplane.... well, now it's the next time. We told many of my friends that on the next build, We would switch from an Non-oiled Compressor to an Oiled Compressor. But, since we already have a Non-oiled compressor, We'll stick with it.
Getting ready for the Build - Tool Check
Pulled out the old Aircraft building tools from the last RV build and doing some house cleaning. From what we hear, we may not need some of these guys for the RV-12 build. Tail-kit ordered and is on it's way.

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RV Metal Aircraft Tools
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