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RV-9A: Project Entry

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What a pain in the bahootie!

I had to drill out the nutplate rivets 4 times before getting the rivets set right. The problem is that with the FL-906B Plate riveted on to the rib, it forces you to squeeze the rivet on the platenut on the edge of the rivet set, which makes the rivet want to "stove pipe" over. If this nutplate rivet (on the aft end of the rib) was set first and the FL-906B Plate was installed afterwards, it would be much easier to get a precise rivet set. The other problem is that the long rivet used to rivet through the FL-906B Plate and the rib, into the nutplate is really too long for this application. But the next size down is too short! Dammit! So this rivet also "stove piped" over several times, until I shortened the rivet a little bit and retried it.

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SmittysRV.com is an Amazon Associate
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